The Cape (2013)

Experience the world and the hidden mysteries of one of the most enigmatic capes in the World; Cabo Espichel, in Portugal.Although the cult of “our lady of the cape” exists since the 15th century, it’s believed that that the Espichel cape was a pilgrimage destiny from long before. Following various testaments, “The Cape – In the lands of the lost world”, follows the itinerary of a unique location that slowly reveals another story buried in time.


Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Directed and Edit by
Miguel Gaudêncio

Cinematography by
Maciej Puczyński

Produced by
Carlos Sargedas

Executive Producer

Co-Produced by
Green Box

Camera by
Maciej Puczyński & Pawel Sroka

Titles by
Antonio Figueiredo

  • Desire for Beauty (2013)

  • Tattoo Girls (2018)

  • Down, But Not Out! (2015)