Tattoo Girls (2018)

Tattoo girls is a memoir of life as it is and of women as they are. A window to the lives of seven women from the same city where nothing is exactly as it seems and reality is often hidden behind illusions.


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Edit, Produced and Directed by
Miguel Gaudêncio

Agnieszka Pawlowska
Agata Wisniewska
Patrycja Jachymek
Kasia Dominiak
Marta Bocheneck
Katarzyna Stawczyk
Katarzyna Hubinska

Music by
Adi Goldstein

Associated Producers
Angelique B. Grimm
Sebastian Mucha
Marek Dec

Sebastian Mucha

Sound Designer
Luís Sales

Camera by
Miguel Gaudêncio
Sebastian Mucha

Aerial Cinematography by
Slawek Kuracinski
Andrzej Podbielski

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